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JBS Funeral Plan

Please note:  All JBS funeral plans can be prepaid.

The JBS Graveside/Chapel/Synagogue Plan

                          A JBS funeral may be conducted with graveside, chapel or synagogue service.

                           Included are the following:

                           •   Transfer of the deceased to funeral home
                           •   Services of a licensed funeral director
                           •   Use of any of the chapels affiliated with Chicago Jewish Funerals, Ltd.,
                                           or your synagogue, for the funeral service.  Or, if you prefer, graveside.

                           •   Tahara -- ritual washing, purifying, and dressing the body, performed by the Chevra
                                           Kadisha (Jewish Sacred Society)
, a volunteer religious-service group.
                                           Members also recite prayers asking G-d to grant the deceased eternal rest.

                           •   Tachrichim -- white, pocket-less, hand-sewn, pure linen burial shrouds
                           •   Kosher casket
                           •   Transportation of deceased to the cemetery
                           •   Yohrzeit announcements and shiva candle
                           •   Memorial register book
                           •   Siddurim (prayer books) & kippot
                           •   Standard acknowledgment cards

                                  Prepayment plan is available.


How much does this cost?

                            The cost of a JBS funeral is below prevailing rates.
                                       Please call the JBS for specific price information.

                            A $500 contribution to the Jewish Burial Society is requested.

                            It is customary to give an honorarium to the officiating rabbi.

                            Cemetery costs — covering the burial plot, grave opening and outer burial-container
                                        liner — are not included. These will be billed to you at cemetery rates with
                                        no additional mark up.


Are there any other costs?

                            No, but there are other optional services you may choose to select:

                                    •   Newspaper death notices
                                    •   A shomer to stay with the body and recite Psalms until burial
                                    •   Limousine
                                    •   Cemetery costs are higher for Sunday or holiday funerals
                                    •   A donation to the Chevra Kadisha
                                    •   Certified copies of the death certificate
                                    •   Transportation of deceased to Israel or a burial site outside the Chicago area


Jewish Burial Society

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