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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who conducts the funeral service?

Your rabbi. Or if you'd like, we can arrange for a rabbi to officiate for you.

Where is the funeral conducted?

At any of the Chicago Jewish Funerals, Ltd. affiliated chapels, at your synagogue, or graveside.

What doesn't the JBS Funeral Plan provide?

Anything contrary to Jewish law. Like cremating, embalming, using metal caskets, or anything that may delay or stop decomposition. As the Torah teaches us,
"You are dust and you shall return to dust."

What If I'm not affiliated?

The Jewish Burial Society helps all Jews. Religious. Secular. Affiliated with a synagogue or unaffiliated.

What kind of people use JBS?

Jewish families from all walks of life.  Families are Orthodox, Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist.

Other Jewish families are not affiliated, but want a Jewish funeral.  Some families are attracted to JBS 

because of the low price.  Others like the ecologically-friendly practices of a Jewish funeral. Still others like the 

idea of a fixed price funeral plan that does not try to sell them anything not necessary for a traditional 

Is the service of lower quality due to the low price of the funeral?

Absolutely not!!   The funeral director we work with provides top quality service to all JBS families.

Can I prepay the JBS funeral plan?

 Yes. All JBS funeral plans can be prepaid

What if burial is out of town?

We can arrange for transportation of the body for burial in a different city.

Can I arrange for burial in Israel?

Yes. The JBS funeral plan has an option for burial in Israel.

What if death occurred in another city and burial is to be in Chicago?

We can arrange to have the body brought to Chicago for burial. In these cases, your savings will be greater if you call the JBS first, rather than a funeral home in the other city. The funeral director we work with, Chicago Jewish Funerals, will make all of the necessary arrangements from Chicago.

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Home | What is the JBS | Background | JBS Funeral Plan | Frequently Asked Questions | Testimonials